SEE Factors – A Sales Persons Secret Weapon (337/365)

The basis of every successful sale is the persons personality, their trustworthiness and their ability to charm the pants off of someone. This can be done in many different ways, but those are too personalised and for a lot of sales roles, they don’t have the luxury or patience to tailor a special style to every single person, so there are blanket rules that they should follow to ensure that they’re at least able to sell, and sell good.

That’s where SEE factors come in to play, I feel like acronyms are big in teaching sales, or at least where I worked.

S – Smile

E – Eye contact

E – Excitement

Seems simple enough, but all three need to be executed perfectly and in a way that doesn’t seem fake or inauthentic. So we’ll run through each of them to explain how this is done, this post isn’t really going to be that long because this is a fairly simple concept, but it’s the basis of so many sales.

When it comes to the first point you kind of have to smile, when you’re selling something, especially as the first impression is one of the most important things to consider. I said this in my post yesterday, but people are fickle and make up their mind within the first few seconds about you, your character and whether they’re going to succumb to what you’re selling.

The thing is… you also can’t exagerate your smile, the potential customer might get scared and honestly you might get a complaint which will ruin your ability to make sales. Although this can also be applied to any form of life, as those who never smile are seen as outsiders and those who smile too much seen as fake.

The next step to understanding this concept is eye contact, which is literally the biggest tool to building trust. If you can’t look someone in the eye, you’ll seem shifty and they’ll be suspicious around you. Eye contact also shows confidence in yourself and what you’re selling so if you’re not confident than why should they buy into what you’re offering.

Last but not least, excitement, the crux of it all. If you’re not excited about what you’re selling than neither will the potential customer, you need to care. However, you can’t care or be too excited, there’s a ratio and it is being 10% more than the person you’re pitching.

So it can be tailored for each person but also allow you to not only take control of the conversation but to also make the recipient care. Some people are super susceptible to others and they’ll subconsciously match your excitement which will then mean they’re hooked.

Each element of the SEE factors can honestly be used in every day life to essentially get what you want but in a way that isn’t pure manipulation.

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