Keep Your Pitch Short and Sweet (338/365)

Have you ever been stopped by someone on the street knowing they’re about to sell you something, but entertaining the attention either way because you’ve had a short lapse in judgement? If you said no, you’re lying, but there’s truly nothing worse than someone pitching you for a long time. Humans have short attention spams, and regardless of what you’re selling, the potential customer doesn’t care. They want to know what it is and how much, but spending more than 1 minute on the charity is a huge no go, because no matter how good the cause is, people are inherently apathetic.

So I represented a lot of charities during my time in sales, and every single one of them was a good cause and many involved helping out children, so I can honestly say with my chest that people don’t give a shit about what you’re pitching, they care about your personality and how you deliver the news of how much the direct debit will cost. I’ve seen people emphasise on the short story/presentation (see my post on the pitch structure) parts of the pitch, making them the longest to invoke empathy… it never works and honestly it’s a waste of time.

People don’t care at all, and in most cases they’re already helping out loads of other charities. So in their mind their karma is good.

Keep it short and simple, state the key facts and honestly build a (fake) honest relationship with your customer and all will be well. If you’re planning to pitch someone outside of sales about something this advice helps out a lot as well, it’s all about your personality at the end of the day so stick to a structure and make sure you’re building trust and impulse along the way.

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