How to Make Friends, and Sell a Lie (339/365)

Look I’m just going to be the one to say it, if you didn’t know, sales is all fake. The compliments, the conversation, the connection it’s honestly all cultivated bullshit and the fact that it’s done in a way that seems authentic is a testament to whoever is executing the sale. You’re specifically given a formula to get to know a person and find out what makes them tick, and guess what – it’s another acronym.

F – Family

O – Occupation

R – Recreation

M – Motivation

Those four things essentially defines not only a persons interests, but what actually motivates them to do things, or buy into what you’re selling. Sometimes it’s as simple as bonding about family and work, and other times its through hobbies, those all link into the final question ‘what motivates a person’.

What gets them out of bed in the morning? What makes them care about anything?

Sometimes it is family, so from the eyes of a sales person doing charities (it’s the only example I can give), you’d relate the issue to children, or find out if their family has any experience that can be connected to the charity. For example, if it’s a deaf children’s charity – do they have any deaf or hard of hearing in their family? If the answers yes, then it’s personal.

Or whether they work with deaf people, or anyone who deals with hearing difficulties. It could be as simple as ‘I work with someone who deals with that’.

All of these factors work to sort of build a level of trust in you or yourself and when it works, it works so well it’s kind of scary. You can definitely also incorporate it in your everyday life, it’s an easy formula to get to know someone if you’re finding it difficult, as not everyone is approachable and not everyone is sociable.

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