Every Sales Tips You Can Use To Get Your Way (340/365)

I’m going to round up this mini sales series with something extremely useful but easy to read. Sales roles are a great way to build your confidence and your people skills, but the thing I personally took from it was how the techniques you learn can be valuable and help you essentially get your way with people. They’re not 100% going to alway work, but every single one can help a lot when it comes to negotiations.

So here’s a list of all the methods you can use to get your way – that I can remember off the top of my head:

  1. Never seem too desperate, be indifferent. Like if the persons decision doesn’t matter because you can easily find someone else.
  2. SEE factors – Smile, Eye Contact and Excitement in healthy doses can make a huge different.
  3. Build a good level of trust, use relationship building tools like FORM.
  4. Always be prepared for every negative someone can throw your way with an overturn – in a sales pitch it would be when someone says they can’t afford it, and you overturn it with how the payment will be in 6 weeks time and as small as 20p a day.
  5. When using overturns make sure you stay indifferent, I feel like you should just think of desperation as the enemy of getting what you want.
  6. Keep everything short and simple. People have short attention spams and they honestly don’t care, so it’s your job to make them care as fast as possible.
  7. Be prepared for them to say no, I know this one seems a bit weird but at the end of the day not everyone is a yes, and that’s also ok.
  8. There’s this theory called Law of Average that I’d love to write about in more detail soon, but finding out you LOA, and using that to your advantage is a must!
  9. Have a winning mentality – even though number 7 said prepare for people to say no, you still need to have a mentality that you’ll win. If you go about pitching or talking with the mental state of someone who’ll lose, other people will sense it and not buy into what you’re saying. If you go in with a different mind set, it changes the game completely.
  10. Break down what you can and can’t control, because there are uncontrollables out there and you can’t spend a lot of time focusing on those things – it’ll make you feel sad and that’s not going to help the situation.
  11. Don’t spend more than 5 minutes focusing on something/someone who won’t make an impact on your life in 5 years time – not a sales tip, but something someone said in the sales office, and it sort of helps to build a winning mind set.
  12. Learn how to pick up on other peoples habits and use that to charm them, focus on how they present themselves, stand, look at other people. All of these things will help you figure out how to charm them and how to relate to them.
  13. You have to actually seem like you give a shit about the other person, in terms of their interests, why they’re saying no, and how to use that to overturn them in a way that doesn’t seem forced or planned.
  14. It’s all a conversation, not a pitch, not a plan and not something you’ve memorised. Once everything seems like a conversation, people are more likely to let their guard down and that’s when you have them ready for you.
  15. Last but not least, have fun. Honestly if you don’t seem like you’re having fun or care about what you’re talking about, the other person won’t give a shit. So have fun with it all!

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