Know Your Worth (341/365)

I’m not entirely sure how to start this blog post, maybe add an inspiring quote or a good introduction. Maybe I should pretend that this website has well prepared high value daily content, but that’s simply not the case and I don’t really enjoy pretending to be something I’m not. Also – the grammatical errors all give it away as I tend to write on the fly and don’t really have the time, energy or patience to edit them. So todays topic is knowing your worth and really valueing your self. I would love to say what inspired this, but that would cause unecessary gossip that I personally can’t deal with right now.

So.. what is your worth? How do you even begin to value yourself in a society that teaches us that confidence is a bad thing. We’re encouraged to be overly modest about everything and although it is a lovely personality trait, when it exists in excess you will get in your own way. You’ll start to believe that you’re not the best at what you do, and you’ll end up struggling to find things that you believe are your strong points. Which then results in you not knowing or believing in yourself.

I made a decision a few years ago to stop putting myself and my abilities down. This was mainly because the more I did it, the more I believed what I said and I didn’t have a strong self esteem to begin with. So that was a slippery self depricating slope that I truly hope more people get off as it’s not fun and it leads to a lot of strange mental health issues and not taking good oppurtunities.

Although I now build myself up, I still struggle a lot with the balance. Sometimes you want to believe you’re the best at something, when in reality you’re not, and other times you believe you’re average when in fact you’re brilliant. It’s like a seesaw, you have to find your balance and take time to honestly evaluate yourself. Look at your strengths, your weaknesses and ultimately what you can bring to the table in all of your ventures.

We’re all very different people, with our own quirks, so really we all bring something unique to every job, friendship and relationship. We just need to be aware of whether what we bring is positive or negative, and really work on your negatives as we’re all humans with a capacity to make changes based on your surroundings.

I guess it’s that time of your for self reflection, even more so as we’re entering a new decade soon and we can measure our personal growth from how we were at the beginning of this decade versus the end of it. Make sure you honestly evaluate your own self, know your worth and strive to ask for more. It’s always hard to get in the mindset of I deserve more because of x y z in a way that isn’t entitled, but at the same time if you truly believe in your strengths you should be able to fight for your own position in whatever you’re seeking.

I’ll end it on this note – know your worth and don’t get in a habit of settling for any less. It’s difficult to go for what you actually want, but sometimes that feeling of fear or anxiety is a good thing, it means you actually care about it.

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