To Everyone Who Wants To Vote Tory… (342/365)

I’ve consciously decided to not write a lot about the election coming up because I don’t get enough views to make an impact, but also looking into it really hurts my mental health. It’s not even discussing it or learning about it from those I speak to, it’s looking at the online opinions of ignorant racist twats who truly want a vote for the deaths of anyone coloured or poor. As much as I love confrontation, I’ve learnt the hard way that when it comes to politics you’re talking to a brick wall.

Why is that you didn’t ask? – Because people don’t care about other peoples backgrounds, I know… it sounds rough but those priveleged people who choose to vote Conservative know that their policies are targeted against minority groups. They’re not ignorant, they don’t care.

So to everyone who decides they want to vote Tory here is my open letter to you twats:

A vote for Tory is a vote for selling the NHS. For losing our health service and essentially the murder of millions out there who rely on it for survival. I’m not over-exagerating, people will die and it will be your fault.

A vote for Tory isn’t a vote for a good economy, they’ve been in power for a while now and homelessness and unemployment is on the rise, companies are going bankrupt and honestly we’re all a bit fucked.

A vote for Tory is a vote against anyone from a minority background, it’s a vote for the promotion of racism, anti immigration policies that not only hurt millions but continue the idea that anyone who isn’t English is the enemy.

A vote for Tory is a vote for a broken country, a vote for an idiot who will not only continue to ruin the reputation of your supposed great nation, but he will fuck it all up.

A vote for Tory is a vote for the death of freedom, a vote for ignorance to prevail and a vote for the murder of anyone who isn’t earning millions.

A vote for Tory is a vote for a racist, xenophobe, sexist, islamophobe in power. If you want him in power than all of these labels are now yours, you are part of the problem.

I would write more, but it’s a Sunday and I need to protect my own mental health.

If you know me and you’re planning to vote Tory, do us all a favour and block me because you’re essentially voting for the murder of me, my family and everyone who falls into the minority groups I fall in to, and more.

Good bye.

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