Cutting Down On Chocolate Is So Difficult (351/365)

I wrote a post earlier this year concerning migraines and common triggers, and from what I can remember I did mention how chocolate is a major trigger and sadly one of my main ones. I believe I also wrote something about how I struggled a lot to cut down on chocolate as I love the stuff, I’m a chocoholic and the moment my doctor told me it was a possible trigger, my heart sank. I then conducted a few tests and fell into a little self pity.

So, you’d think after realising chocolate will bring on a migraine or migraine symptoms I would do the responsible thing and cut down, maybe even quit it – well no. I’m a weak mother trucker and I honestly end up having massive amounts in large quantities if I ever restrict myself for a long period of time. I could blame hormones as it’s a huge craving whenever that time of the month is coming along, but I call it my major weakness.

It’s obviously not my biggest one, but I’m not stupid enough to say what that is on the internet.

So in the past few months I started a new job, and with new offices come snacks, chocolates and my basic inability to say no to free food. So I basically went from hardly eating chocolate, to consume large amounts every single day. The fact that I can work from home also doesn’t help because I’m back in the habit of snacking and my corner shop is so close to my house.

So todays post isn’t really meaningful or important in any way, it’s just my way of ranting about the fact that I’m a weak bitch who can’t say no to chocolate and now I’m facing the consequences. Thankfully I don’t really get full blown migraine attacks anymore, but my brain is foggy, the front hurts in general and it’s just not pleasant.

I don’t think I’ve complained about something so redundant in a hot minute, so why not lower the tone on this blog as we only have 14 days to go until the new year. 🙂

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