Apathy About Politics Is A Privilege Many Of Us Don’t Have (354/365)

So, this is the post about everyone who says they don’t pay attention to politics because they can’t be bothered, or that it doesn’t effect them – not only are these statements seeping in pure privilege but they’re also infuriating. To ignore politics because of these reasons means you honestly don’t care about other people, you don’t give a shit about how right wing governments impact minorities, the poor, the ethnic minorities, the women, the disabled, the LGBT+ community – you just don’t care.

Apathy is the absence of any emotion towards a topic, so to be apathetic about politics means that you don’t care. Which essentially means they don’t care about anyone who isn’t them.

That level of apathy is honestly scary to me, because people like this either don’t vote, don’t care or vote for right wing people because they think it’s the easiest way to vote. To vote for the many would be to pay attention to the struggles of everyone, and that would require too much emotion for people like this… It boils my blood because when people make these statements it doesn’t come from a place of wanting to learn, or even just plain ignorance, it comes from a place of rejection.

Ignorant people can be taught, people who reject our struggles are a different monster to battle. They’re like the final boss battle that has three stages and on the last stage your character falls into a pit and your only way of surviving is through running away and getting stronger – and not all of us have the energy to gather the strength to fight them again. Some of us want to rage quit, take our time or use a cheat code and you can’t always do these things in real life.

This post isn’t really going to be long because… the more I write about this, the more upset I get. I’m just not apathetic when it comes to anything political, I’m a part of way too many minority groups to even consider not paying attention to what is happening in the world. The right wing are in high positions in many governments and Muslims across Asia are being targeted and murdered… don’t even get me started on all of the news that isn’t broadcasted about any African nation.

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