Sometimes We Need Take A Break From Keeping Up With Politics (363/365)

As much as I’d love to be informed about domestic and world politics every single day, sometimes I need to take a break. The break is to sort of decompress from all of the horrific news and honestly it’s also to keep my mental health in check because so many horrible things are happening every single day and being reminded of them, the social and political climate and seeing who rules each nations just takes a toll on my mind. Especially as someone who is from the many minority groups effected by all of the worlds disgustingness.

UK politics in particular has been something I’m taking a little break from viewing because it’s a reminder of the country I live in. A reminder that they’re all anti-immigration, racist, sexist and horrific. That reminder is something that makes it hard for me to leave the house and even speak to white people, so taking the break allows me to function in the world. I’ve said this to many of my friends and I’ll say it again, after the GE results I’m happy I booked the day to work from home, because the idea of being around white people would have broken me that day.

World politics tends to consist of every way the world is trying to kill muslims, and it’s fucking depressing. I want to help them but I don’t know how, awareness is great but awareness won’t stop them being tortured and killed. I can’t revolt because that won’t help positive change, and if anything it would give every Boris supporter proof that muslims are violent, and we don’t need that shit right now. So reading about everything, all of the horrible things is really fucking up my view on the world, so I’ve taken a break from everything.

It’s not going to be a long break, but it’s one that is needed.

I would urge any minority groups to not feel any shame if you also need to do the same because it’s fucking depressing and it’s the world we live in.

6 thoughts on “Sometimes We Need Take A Break From Keeping Up With Politics (363/365)

  1. I really agree with your point and I think it is also helping sometimes to put in perspective that the news only represent a piece of reality and what is going on, so that you can acknowledge the many great things that aren’t put in the news!

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      1. You are right. I actually have Clinical Depression due to years of not being able to communicate with others effectively (due to Autism). Thankfully I am receiving treatment. Due to this time of the year being a huge beating for me, I have decided to step away from politics for a short while and focus on my blog

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  2. This is absolutely true. The political turmoil in India right now is so bad. I was active on social media for a few days regarding the topics but after a point i just could not take it. Have stopped posting anything regarding politics lately, it definitely takes a toll.

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