So, I finally got to see SuperM live and it was amazing!

I’ve written at length about how much I love listening to Kpop and in particular one artist – Taemin. It all started in 2016 when my friends introduced me to his music and I spent the next three years having a lowkey obsession with his voice, I avoided live stages because I honestly had shit to do and a new obsession would have derailed my life. I would always listen to his music off the cuff, and then in 2019 I finally succumbed to it all. (read all about that here)

So, I never really thought I’d get the chance to see him live because SM don’t tend to send their artists to Europe and honestly with the way Japan love him, I thought my only chance to see him would be through travel and learning either Korean or Japanese, and then SuperM debuted. Now, I’m aware their debut was in America, and they were an experimental band and received a lot of mixed reviews, but my hope was that because they were new and different that they would embark on a world tour before any of the individual artists would that year and weirdly enough I was right.

I honestly thought it wouldn’t happen so fast, they debuted in October, had an American tour and then announced their plans to go to Mexico and then somehow Paris and London got thrown into the mix – so I knew this would be my one chance to see the man live. Luckily one of my best friends is also invested in the group as she is a Ten stan, so between the two of us we were both extreme fans of different members and we really wanted to see them.

Even after we got the tickets, booked our hotel and our train tickets – none of it felt real. As we landed in London on the day, we were still thinking that it wasn’t going to actually happen and that it was some kind of cruel joke. I’d say it fully hit us when we actually got closer to the arena and saw some Ten billboards (his fans are rich and his birthday was the day before).

Now, this wasn’t my first Kpop concert, my first was BLACKPINK, and I’m not going to be negative about that experience as I’m not an extreme stan and in all honesty I only went for the experience but seeing SuperM was completely different. The concept might be the reason why as the group is a culmination of members from SM’s most popular boy groups, so the fans were already invested before the debut and we were all waiting for the impossible chance to see them live in our country.

From the very first song… actually not even their live performance, but before they came on, the lights dimmed and they played Jopping and the crowd went wild. It was in that moment that I knew my voice would be fucked from all the screaming, but the fact that we all stood up, light sticks ready and waving and singing without the members even being on stage already brought about an intense atmosphere. We were all hyped, every single person there and because of that it was amazing.

Now, I knew seeing Taemin live would make me feel overwhelmed but honestly I still wasn’t fully prepared for what was happening on stage. I couldn’t film it, I was glued to the stage, shaking, singing and going crazy inside. I actually said “I can’t believe this is happening” multiple times – I got to see DangerXSherlock and Goodbye live and quite literally no one can take that away from me. I don’t even care, those performances were the kind that make you want to hold your breath, but it was a concert so I just lost my voice instead.

I also want to say that getting a light stick was one of my smart choices that night because they were worth the money – they weren’t just pink they flashed multiple different colours throughout every performance, including the colours corresponding to all their groups – it’s like four light sticks in one!

I also lost my sanity a little bit as my inner fangirl came out to full fruition, when I say that I screamed “I love you Taemin”, I’m not over exaggerating in that moment I didn’t care about anything. Shame, pride, being an adult – fuck that my bias was in the same vicinity as me. Now before you start to think I’m a creepy fan, I’m really not, honestly the idea of people out there being disgusting and violating their privacy really pisses me off, but in a concert I feel like screaming your love is fair game since they never really come to the UK.

It’s been a few days since the whole thing and honestly I’m still not over it, it was all so surreal, every performance was brilliant! The whole vibe and energy was brilliant and this only leaves me wanting to see more of them, so if they don’t return to the UK any time soon I’ll be sad. I’m also making prayers that Taemin actually does a world tour before enlisting because his solo music is amazing and I need to see more of it live!

I don’t know when post concert depression will hit, but I’m also not sure if it will since I’m just so grateful that I was able to see them… I never thought it would happen so this is just an experience that has made me extremely happy – so happy I’m actually writing about it on this blog that I’ve neglected.

So the moral of this blog is, if you can afford it – SEE YOUR BIAS LIVE. It’s a completely different experience to seeing any other artist – Kpop or outside of it. I don’t think any concert has had this impact on me.

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