You Don’t Need To Spend 3 Hours Washing Your Hair! (83/365)

Dear natural hair gurus,

I know that you’re doing your best and you want to help curly haired people enjoy their natural hair texture and get as much moisture as possible, but 3 hour long wash days are ruining peoples days. It’s uneccessary and basically a massive waste of time.

Before I get streams of hatred, hear me out. So a lot of the time is spent using pre-poos and various other treatments, which I get tend to be nice and really help our thirsty hair strands. But spending hours on the pre-poo stage is just ridiculous, and because of this people are too scared to embrace their curls because they think it’s hard work – when it’s not.

By the time you girls and boys actually get in the bath/shower you then expect us to spend 20 minutes detangling, which is stupid. Sorrynotstorry, but honestly I get the benefits of finger detangling but you shouldn’t spend your whole life doing it. The pursuit to maintain hair length goes a little too far if you’ve spent an hour trying to avoid hair knots. If your hair is knotting that much you probably need a trim.

So stop telling people brushes and hair combs are scary, they save so much time and even some people with hair down to their buts use them. Just make sure it’s a wide tooth comb, and you’re good to go. Also maybe don’t rip through your hair.

Now the actual wash shouldn’t take hours, even once you’re done detangling. Just use shampoo, and then put conditioner in, then proceed to wash your body and shave, and by then the conditioner has had enough time to soak in and do its job.

Once you’re done put your products in, moisturise and you should be good to go. I know a lot of you air dry your hair, and I understand it’s healthier and better for your hair health, but not everyone has 4-5 hours to spend dedicated to drying your hair. Just use a hair dryer every now and then, and thank me later for the hours you now have to do other things.

I know ultimately, it’s not that deep, but it really pisses me off that people think curly/coily hair textures are hard work, when really we just follow different rules. We only need to shampoo our hair like once a week, so there’s no point making that one time take forever, unless you enjoy it.

Yours sincerely,

A lazy curly girl.

Skincare Products I Swear By! (82/365)

Skincare is one of those things that I took my time getting in to, it wasn’t because I was lazy, I just didn’t know what to do. So many influencers and bloggers tell us to do 10 different things and use a million products, and it’s easy to believe their tips since their skin tends to look perfect on camera. The thing is, they also have facials and get sent lots of free products to promote, and the rest of us don’t have the budget to follow their advice.

I try to keep my skincare fairly simple, and over the years I’ve found a few products that save my skin and I will always repurchase them!

Mario Badescue drying lotion

This product is honestly my holy grail. I break out a lot and there’s loads of different reasons for them, sometimes it’s because of hormones or my poor eating habits, or my skin just hates me. I won’t say I have acne or anything like that, but the spots that appear on my skin offend me. This drying lotion just sorts out every single spot. Naturally like all spot treatments – timing is everything. I find it works the best when I apply it on newly formed spots that are about to erupt!

Klairs midnight blue calming cream

This cream is amazing, I was first introduced to it through my best friend. She has some samples and I used it for a few nights and my skin felt like it had been smoothed and photoshoped IRL. I don’t know how it works or why, but it’s amazing. It just helps everything, and it’s worth the purchase.

Origins drink up intensive sleeping mask

My cousin got me into this product and it changed my skincare for the better. It’s so moisturising and wonderful, but it also soaks up into the skin nicely so you don’t have to worry about it rubbing onto your pillow. Sleeping masks are also lovely for those days where you want to use a mask, but can’t be bothered to take the time to apply and wait for it to dry.

Tea tree oil 3-in-1 face wash

I usually hate 3-in-1 products but this wash/scrub/mask combo is amazing. I will say I only use this as a clay mask and it helps pull out all the impurities and kills spots at the same time. Sometimes if you apply too much the tea tree oil can feel quite strong, but honestly I think it’s definitely worth a try if you have spot prone skin.

Keep These Oils Away From Your Face (79/365)

Using oils in your skincare routine is something that has not only gained massive popularity over the past few years, but it’s also a game changer. Whether you have dry skin or oily skin, it honestly works wonders to seal in moisture and target specific skincare concerns.

Thanks to this, skincare companies are charging a lot of consumers for their special oil blends, so people are DIY-ing it to save money. DIY is great but you need to know that not all oils are good for the face, some clog your pores.

It’s best to look for oils and products that have a low score on the comedogenic scale. This rating determines whether the oil will clog your pores due various different properties (science is great).

“Noncomedogenic oils help keep dry skin supple and oily skin acne-free. That’s because noncomedogenic oils don’t clog pores. This allows skin to breathe, remain hydrated, and keeps it free from breakouts”

So here’s a list of oils that you should stay away from!

  1. Coconut Oil
  2. Shea Butter
  3. Sesame Oil
  4. Coconut Butter
  5. Wheat Germ Oil

Before you start crying about the fact that coconut oil is on the list, it’s important to remember that this beloved oil has a time and a place. That place is not your face!

Skin Care Hacks On a Budget (78/365)

As much as we want to buy those £50+ serums, toners and spot treatments, sometimes it’s not worth breaking the bank since everyone needs to eat. Being a broke student and even being a cheap teenager helped me learn a lot of skin care hacks for anyone who doesn’t want to splurge. So here are my top tips!

Use Olive Oil as a makeup remover (use a cleanser afterwards though)

Cleansing oils are all the range these days, but a lot of them are super pricey, and for something that literally just needs to remove makeup it’s not worth the investment if you can’t afford it. I know some people say to use coconut oil – but don’t. Just stop, it clogs your pores. Instead opt for olive oil as it won’t clog your pores and will leave your skin makeup free.

Sudocreme is a great spot treatment

Before I found out about the Mario Badescu spot treatment, sudocreme was my MVP. Yes that cream we use on nappy rashes and burns is great for spots because it has antibacterial properties that will kill the spot before it becomes active. Like every spot treatment – it’s about timing, use it as the spot is appearing and it’ll work wonders.

DIY your face oils

As much as we all love a good fancy oil blend, making your own saves a lot of money and time. Just target it to your skin needs and make sure to use a non clogging carrier oil. My personal faves are rose hip oil, avocado oil and sweet almond oil. The just use a few drops of an essential oil and it’s good to go.

I still do this to be perfectly honest, for my face oils, hair oils and scalp oils. I don’t really see any extra benefits from preblended oils since you don’t have any control over the concentrations of certain oils.

Dumb Question You Hear As a Curly Haired Girl (77/365)

When you have hair that isn’t straight or even wavey you tend to get weird looks, people trying to touch it and honestly just a lot of questions on how to deal with it. In all honesty, a lot of the questions aren’t bad or even offensive – it’s just curiosity, but some questions are just stupid.

Do you wash your hair?

This one always throws me off, because everyone needs to wash their hair, but I think they just assume curly and coily haired people never wash it. The thing is we don’t need to wash/shampoo our hair as often as straight haired people – but that doesn’t mean it’s dirty. Thanks to our hair shape, the oils in our scalp never really reach the ends of our hair. So we don’t deal with greasy hair.

Is your hair real?

Yes susan, my hair is real. This one grinds my gears purely because it’s a weird one. I don’t go around asking every straight haired girl with extensions if their hair is real, so why is it ok to ask me so bluntly. I don’t even wear wigs or weaves but I find this question so odd.

How do you get it so curly?

I wash it and dry it, and it comes out curly – there’s no way to answer this question without coming across rude. I get if someone asked how I maintain my hair, or style it, but the whole ‘how is it curly’ thing is just annoying. It’s genetics, that’s it.

How do you brush it?

Now, before 2016 I get why this question was so popular because I never even knew how to detangle my hair without ruining my curls. But in 2019, really? Go on the internet, I clearly don’t brush it when it’s dry.

The Lies Curly Hair Bloggers Tell Us (63/365)

Since going natural at the end of 2013 I have watched a lot of curly hair bloggers, and for the most part, they’re honestly doing God’s work and helping us out. Especially when you consider that most of us embrace our natural hair and have no idea how to style, wash or even sleep in it.

However, like most things, with the good comes the bad – and the bad is horrific. It’s usually based in the lies they tell us to peddle certain products or methods that take 10, 000 years to achieve. There are many YouTubers out there exposing these facts, and some are even professional hair stylists themselves, but here’s my point of view on it all that has been gained through a lot of experience.

The first lie a lot of them try to push is that you need a million products or even ridiculously expensive products. This is usually due to a lot of paid sponsorships and everyone has bills to pay, but honestly, a lot of girls and boys watching these videos will go out and buy every single product. This is mainly because we’ve been deprived of having curly hair knowledge from a young age, so we choose to believe these guru’s who have the hair we want.

The next lie is that you can get rid of frizz completely. You can’t, honestly, just stop trying to do this, you’ll end up in a lot of pain from being angry at your hair. Curly hair textures tend to be drier because of the way it grows out of our scalps and how our natural oils can’t reach the ends of our hair. When you combine this with other factors like your diet or even the weather where you live, it’s hard to prevent your hair from losing moisture. So I personally focus on reducing frizz, but getting rid of it completely is impossible.

I honestly don’t know where people got the idea of needing protein treatments to maintain healthy hair from, but you don’t. In some cases using those treatments make your hair worse, so please stop.

As much as I know people want to believe that your curly hair type defines how you look after your hair, it really doesn’t. Whether you’re a type 3 or a type 4, you will have to cater your routine to your own personal hair. This is mainly because you have to take into account that even though two people might have the same hair texture/curl type, they might have different scalp types. I personally have a very dry scalp so I would not be able to survive the aggressive scalp rubbing that some type three girls do, or even follow a lot of their routines.

Last but not least, there’s no miracle way to grow inches. Stop tying the inversion method or rice water method and expecting inches to grow in a week. Curly hair doesn’t grow any slower than straight hair, to begin with, we just have to wait a while to see the length and have a higher risk of breakage. I don’t know how the idea of flipping your head upside would somehow grow an inch of hair in a week came from, but stop it. It doesn’t work!

Take into account that hair health is more than just the hair, it’s your scalp and ultimately your inner health as well. I know it’s easy to get caught into the trends that multiple hair influencers endorse, but all a lie. Just focus on what works for you, and have fun with it.

Losing Our Trust in Influencers (62/365)

I’d like to start off with a disclaimer: This is not a post hating influencers, a lot of them are amazing, talented and generally do an amazing job, but it’s more a commentary on how we no longer trust them as much as we used to.

Times have changed a lot when it comes to influencers and how much power they had over their audiences. Before the time of gossip channels and phrases like ‘spilling the tea’, we tended to trust their opinions and views on products a lot more. We knew about paid sponsorships and deals but we honestly believed that the influencer would give us their honest opinion.

Remember when Jeffree Star hyped the Sleek highlighter pallets? After one mention you wouldn’t be able to find them in store as people would rush to buy every single one. Now, I’m not saying those highlighters weren’t good, but for my melanin infused readers – did we need the purple colour in that palette?

This used to happen so frequently that brands felt like they had a new level of power when it came to using social media, other products that were hyped up include LA Girl Pro Concealer and the famous Laura Mercier setting powder.

With each hyped product came the stream of people exposing influencers for lying or being paid off. Although people have always outed bloggers, when they all sold their souls to Morphe that’s when it really came out. It’s hard to act like some cheap brushes are amazing quality when floods of pictures showing them not performing circulate the internet.

Because of the air of mistrust, gossip channels had a boom and broke down the level of trust we used to have as consumers. By exposing the shady deals and highlighting their case with evidence, we were forced to actually think more critically about influencers.

Personally, I’ve been that person who has brought a product because an influencer recommended it and it doesn’t always end well. I don’t mind if it’s not too expensive but sometimes they are – and sometimes they suck. So since my wallet was personally attacked by all of this I’ve lost a lot of trust in reviews, because they can all be finessed to promote a product better.

It’s important to remember that not all bloggers are in the wrong. People still have to pay their bills and to be honest some sponsorships change their lives for the better, so they should definitely get that coin. The issue only comes when they promote bad products that are not even worth the time of day.

It’s interesting comparing influencers relationships with their audiences over the past 5 years, because before we were all quite naive to everything. We fell for their personalities and believed that no one would peddle horrible products. Now we’re overcritical, and it’s not helped by cancel culture at all.

Overall it’s important to remember that influencers have a job to do, and regardless of the product, it’s important to do research beforehand and maybe get a sample size if it’s every possible.

Why We Can’t Win When It Comes To Beauty Standards (59/365)

Societies standards for beauty are unrealistic and honestly ridiculous. Not only are they changing every year, but they’re being championed by models and athletes who have the help of photoshop and professional photographers.

Through adverts, TV and social media we’re essentially faced with what ‘we should look like’ on a day to day basis which can seriously affect your mental state and create serious body issues. Last decade it was fashionable to have thin eyebrows, highlighted hair and to be stick thin, now the standards are big buts, thighs, small waists, big lips and to essentially look like Kim Kardashian. Which is not only impossible to achieve naturally, but it costs a lot to get the plastic surgery necessary.

When you compare the naughties to now in terms of beauty standards we really can’t win. It changes to drastically, once someone finally is on their way to achieving the look of the year, it has shifted and they need to start all over again.

It’s become a lot worse with the rise of social media and Instagram bloggers who use face tune and other editing apps to achieve their unrealistic look. Sadly because influencers seem more real and approachable, their audience is more likely to believe that they’ve reached their body goals through hard work and whatever detox tea they’re promoting at the time.

It’s easy to tell people to ‘accept their own beauty’ and to ignore the social media lies, but when you see it every single day it’s hard to not compare yourself to other people.

It’s important to understand that the ideal beauty of each time period is just that, it’s an ideal. It’s not real, and it can’t be attained. We need to spend more time teaching young boys and girls that they should create their own standard of beauty and to not chase unrealistic goals.

Skin Care Tips and Tricks (57/365)

Skin care is something that is super personal and to be perfectly honest – every skin type is different. What works for you may not work for other people so keep that in mind when you research every single new trend and supposed skincare saviour.

I wouldn’t say I have amazing skin on any level, it’s oily and dry combination, it scars, I break out a lot and sometimes some cheeky texture appears every now and then. However, I’ve learnt to find routines and products that keep my skin at bay so it behaves every now and then.

I’d like to preface this with the fact that I’m not a professional, so please go to one if you do deal with certain skin conditions.

My first tip is to ditch harsh products. Regardless of whether your skin is sensitive or not, using loads of harsh chemicals and products will mess with the PH of your skin. If you’re not balancing everything out that tends to be when breakouts and skin flare-ups tend to happen.

Now, this doesn’t mean go completely organic and spend your life savings on natural products, but just pay attention to the products and keep a note of what breaks you out. Thankfully loads of drugstore companies are offering gentler ranges in their skin care, so don’t feel pressure to spend a lot of money!

Drink water, just do it. I know everyone says this, but honestly, it helps. Also, your body is mainly water, so it makes sense to keep hydrated. I’m not sure of an exact amount of water that we should all be drinking because scientists keep changing the amount. But try to drink at least 1.5 – 2 litres a day and remember if you’re feeling thirsty you’re already dehydrated!

When applying skin care go from the lightest consistency to the thickest. So after cleansing uses toner or essence next, then serums, then moisturisers and finish it off with an oil – oils seal moisture instead of adding moisture. Sometimes just knowing what order to use your products can save your skin from having a freakout.

Also, don’t feel pressured into having an 80 step skin-care routine, I know a lot of people who use loads of skin-care and loads of use the bare minimum, and they all have fantastic skin. So just cater it to what your skin likes, if you want to experiment, just do your research beforehand.

Do not over exfoliate your skin, please. Just don’t. Put it away if you’ve already used that scrub twice this week. I try to only use scrubs once a week and honestly using it any more than that can really irritate your skin. So less is more!

My last tip is my personal holy grail – moisturise your skin! I don’t care if you have oily skin, it still needs moisture. Oily skin tends to be dry beneath the surface which is why our skin produces oils, so don’t be afraid to hydrate it!

Lip Care – Tips and Tricks (53/365)

With the rise of matt lipsticks, lip fillers and an overall obsession with lip care it’s really important to ensure that you don’t reveal your dry cracked lips to the world. As someone who not only suffers from dry lips but has fairly sized ones as well I’ve basically spent a lot of time fighting the crust and have developed a lot of helpful tips as a result.

First and foremost is to ditch petroleum lip balms/treatments. I know giving up vaseline is heartbreaking to many, but in my experience using petroleum-based products dries out your lips. I prefer to go with cocoa/shea butter based lip balms instead and it is life changing.

If your lips are super dry, it’s best to also incorporate a lip treatment every other night. Some brands have lip conditioners, masks and even oils. They tend to help maintain the overall moisture and it’s always nice to give yourself a treat.

As much as everyone loves sugar lip scrubs, I personally find that they don’t help remove any dead skin cells. So instead I like to use a cloth or even my towel as an exfoliator. All you need to do is add some water to the tower and scrub your lips. It takes less than one minute and works well at removing the crust.

My last tip is to find a way to stop licking your lips. Saliva is there to break down food and every time you lick your lips you’re basically drying them out and irritating them. I personally wear lipsticks when I’m outside as a way of preventing this, but keeping a good lip balm on you at all times should also help.

Image used is from Unsplash.