Man Boobs are Perfectly Normal (129/365) #bodypositivity

We're living in an age where male body goals are getting scary. Although we all love a bit of Chris Evans and Michael B Jordan, acheiving their bodies takes a lot of training, food prep and time. These celebrities also get a lot of extra help with it, but because all we see is their … Continue reading Man Boobs are Perfectly Normal (129/365) #bodypositivity

Moisturising is NOT Optional (91/365)

It was the year 2018, Tatti had come out with those controversial pills that caused a lot of people to lose the tits. Thanks to this, I went on a video journey watching real people try them out and I found the video, the one that opened my eyes to this issue. She reviewed the … Continue reading Moisturising is NOT Optional (91/365)

How to Deal With Sleep Paralysis (45/365)

Sleep paralysis is a uniquely terrifying experience, not only do you wake up not being able to move, but this can also be accompanied by hearing and seeing things. You can also experience a feeling of pressure on top of you, which honestly makes you feel like you're about to be attacked by demons. There … Continue reading How to Deal With Sleep Paralysis (45/365)