Cutting Down On Chocolate Is So Difficult (351/365)

I wrote a post earlier this year concerning migraines and common triggers, and from what I can remember I did mention how chocolate is a major trigger and sadly one of my main ones. I believe I also wrote something about how I struggled a lot to cut down on chocolate as I love the … Continue reading Cutting Down On Chocolate Is So Difficult (351/365)

Complaining is Very Therapeutic (320/365)

You might have sensed a theme that a lot of my blog posts this year have been filled with me complaining about serious and not serious topics, and honestly I'll hold my hands up and say I love ranting, complaining and generally just letting out all of my frustrations. Part of it is because it … Continue reading Complaining is Very Therapeutic (320/365)

Flu Season Freaks Me Out (279/365)

I've said I love Autumn and honestly I do, but I always forget that it's also the season of everyone being ill and honestly it freaks me out. As an asthmatic I always try my best to not catch any flue/colds because I'll get it worse than the carrier but everyone around me is coughing, … Continue reading Flu Season Freaks Me Out (279/365)

The Downside Of Running A Daily Blog (246/365)

I've been running a daily blog for over 240 days now and honestly it's been an interesting experience. I've said this before and I'll say it again, I didn't think I'd make it past 3 months - that was my initial goal, and now I must continue just because we're in the final stretch of … Continue reading The Downside Of Running A Daily Blog (246/365)

My Pet Peeves (112/365)

Living as an adult is one of those weird experiences. When I was younger I always thought that everyone becomes 'mature' at some point, and let me tell you, that doesn't happen. Maturity is a lie created to keep children in check, so in true 'adult' fashion, I'm just going to complain about people and … Continue reading My Pet Peeves (112/365)