Why I Don’t Really Set New Years Resolutions (352/365)

I remember earlier in the decade whenever December would come around I would panic and realise that every resolution I had set had been ignored and I would feel a lot of shame. I didn't drink more water, go to the gym, go to museums or read more and even though I never announced these … Continue reading Why I Don’t Really Set New Years Resolutions (352/365)

Please Don’t Spoil Things… (108/365)

Thanks to the digital age, we stream shows like we've never done before. There was once a time where we had to wait until a certain time to watch out shows, but now everythings available at the click of a finger - when you add social media to the mix, then being left out of … Continue reading Please Don’t Spoil Things… (108/365)

Don’t Touch My Hair (44/365)

Going natural was one of the best choices I have ever made for my hair. By ditching the hair straighteners my hair was finally able to flourish, it grew a lot faster and it's generally a lot healthier now. One of the things I didn't expect when embracing my curls, however, were people's needs to … Continue reading Don’t Touch My Hair (44/365)