F*ck Everyones Expectations (306/365)

Anyone relate to being told that they should grow up to become a doctor or a lawyer and get married and have children and then reaching the age where you're making these decisions and not wanting to do any of them. I'm aware I'm quite lucky that my parents (whether they want to or not) … Continue reading F*ck Everyones Expectations (306/365)

F*ck Society – My Old Anarchist Self (303/365)

I rewatched an episode of Mr Robot and it really inspired me to write this post, not only because the show is amazing, brilliant and a must-see piece of television, but also because there's so many layers, symbolism and relatability in it. Yes, a lot of it is wild, and honestly if you relate to … Continue reading F*ck Society – My Old Anarchist Self (303/365)