Happy Monday – Another Filler :) (280/365)

Happy Monday! The day gets a bad reputation, it's the beginning of the week which symbalises the start of work, school and responsibility. Monday is the loser amongst the days and I guess Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the cool kids. Everyone get's up on a Monday morning and audibly sighs for the next 8 … Continue reading Happy Monday – Another Filler 🙂 (280/365)

Sometimes I Feel Old (276/365)

In case you havent been following this challenge from the start or have me on any social media, you might not know that I have younger siblings. Across all the ages - teenagers and children, which means I get exposed to a lot of their social media trends and sometimes it really makes me feel … Continue reading Sometimes I Feel Old (276/365)

Another Day, Another Blog Post (258/365)

I've reached that point again where I'm not entirely sure what to write about, I don't have anything particularly profound on my mind and in all honesty this is the first day I've had to myself in a while so I'm enjoying the alone time. I find that if I spend every single day socialising, … Continue reading Another Day, Another Blog Post (258/365)

A Little Filler (242/365)

Here's a little filler post as I've run out of ideas and honestly at this point I can't even write anymore list blog posts. I think I've run out of advice to give, but hope you all have an amazing day. 🙂 Here's a little filler post as I've run out of ideas and honestly … Continue reading A Little Filler (242/365)