Why I Don’t Follow The Curly Girl Method (271/365)

So for everyone who doesn't have curly hair or follow any bloggers let me first explain what the CG method actually is. It's quite a strict regimen that focuses a lot on cutting out ALL sulfates, silicones, parabens, waxes and harmful alcohols in your hair routine. It also follows a method of moisturising your hair … Continue reading Why I Don’t Follow The Curly Girl Method (271/365)

Unspoken Curly Hair Rules (226/365)

In case you missed it my hair is naturally curly, for anyone who uses the 'type' system, I'd say my hair is 3a and I don't know what kind of porosity. I've been wearing it natural for almost 6 years now and in that time I've watched curly hair bloggers, learned from them and realised … Continue reading Unspoken Curly Hair Rules (226/365)

You Don’t Need To Spend 3 Hours Washing Your Hair! (83/365)

Dear natural hair gurus, I know that you're doing your best and you want to help curly haired people enjoy their natural hair texture and get as much moisture as possible, but 3 hour long wash days are ruining peoples days. It's uneccessary and basically a massive waste of time. Before I get streams of … Continue reading You Don’t Need To Spend 3 Hours Washing Your Hair! (83/365)

Losing Our Trust in Influencers (62/365)

I'd like to start off with a disclaimer: This is not a post hating influencers, a lot of them are amazing, talented and generally do an amazing job, but it's more a commentary on how we no longer trust them as much as we used to. Times have changed a lot when it comes to influencers and how much power they had over their audiences. Before the time of gossip channels and phrases like 'spilling the tea', we tended to trust their opinions and views on products a lot more. We knew … Continue reading Losing Our Trust in Influencers (62/365)

Fighting Dandruff (40/365)

Dandruff is one of those things that can be downright embarrassing to deal with. It causes flakes, dryness, irritation and makes you feel like you're not washing your hair properly. When it isn't caused by a lack of hygiene at all, it's just something that happens. It's been linked with genetics, diet and some people … Continue reading Fighting Dandruff (40/365)

Why I Went Natural (10/365)

In case you've been living under a rock, the natural hair movement refers to the rise of women and men everywhere ditching relaxers and embracing their natural curls and coils. Now for most their decision was influenced by others, or by them wanting to reclaim their identity, and in some cases because of the health … Continue reading Why I Went Natural (10/365)

Curly Hair Hacks (6/365)

Growing up all I ever saw was luscious straight hair in all the adverts, movies, TV and honestly, it really ruined my confidence in my natural hair. I will admit there has been a massive improvement in the exposure of more hair textures both online and off, but the hair tips they are everywhere still … Continue reading Curly Hair Hacks (6/365)