Check In On Your Friends (213/365)

Sometimes you need to just check in on your friends, it doesn't matter how they seem or if they look like they're ok, you'll never really know unless you ask. By asking I don't mean the polite "how are you", I mean actually sitting them down and asking about they're wellbeing and mental health. At … Continue reading Check In On Your Friends (213/365)

9 Ways to Boost Mindfulness (152/365)

I'd like to start this with a lovely disclaimer: I'm not a medical professional, all my advice is from doing my own personal research and are from methods I use in my day to day life. Life's busy, sometimes it get's to the point where you feel overwhelmed and find that you've spent no time … Continue reading 9 Ways to Boost Mindfulness (152/365)

Small Self-Care Tips (38/365)

Self-care is one of those things we cannot skip on, whether you suffer from mental health or not. Life can get overwhelming whether you're in school or working, so it's important to make your sure mind is getting the same attention as your body when it comes to your health. Here are some small self-care … Continue reading Small Self-Care Tips (38/365)

A Simple Guide Self Love (20/365)

Self-love isn't the easiest journey, there's a lot of ebbs along the road but honestly, when you're further on the path away from self-hatred it is worth it. Here are some useful steps that I've both found on the internet and have discovered on my own. Put yourself first! We often get in the habit … Continue reading A Simple Guide Self Love (20/365)

Self Care at Work (4/365)

Here's an article I wrote for my works' magazine that I never got credit for: We always get told to look after our health, do the basics like exercising and eating fruit but when it comes to mental health and looking after the mind, it’s a whole different story. It’s more likely to be ignored … Continue reading Self Care at Work (4/365)