Why I Don’t Really Set New Years Resolutions (352/365)

I remember earlier in the decade whenever December would come around I would panic and realise that every resolution I had set had been ignored and I would feel a lot of shame. I didn't drink more water, go to the gym, go to museums or read more and even though I never announced these … Continue reading Why I Don’t Really Set New Years Resolutions (352/365)

End of Chapter One (31/365)

The first chapter of 2019 is now over and wow what a shit show. I don't understand how, but it felt like the fastest and slowest January of all time, did anyone else feel this? I won't even go into the politics of this month because with Brexit and whatever Trumps doing in America, it … Continue reading End of Chapter One (31/365)

What I’m Leaving in 2018 (9/365)

So there's a lot of talk about what we're leaving behind in 2018 across all social media platforms, so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon with a few of my own. Angry black girl stereotype - let's leave it behind, we're not all angry, but when we are you should treat us like every … Continue reading What I’m Leaving in 2018 (9/365)

Goodbye 2018 (1/365)

2018 was a special year for me, it was 365 days of not giving a shit and making up for lost time. I spent so much of 2017 miserable since I spent most of it cuddled in darkness dealing with migraines whilst in a toxic work environment. So 2018 was my release from it all, … Continue reading Goodbye 2018 (1/365)