Why Do We Joke About The Office Creep? (364/365)

This is actually a question as I don’t have an answer for this topic as it grosses me out to my inner core and I hate that I’ve witnessed how work culture allows pervesion and sexual harassment to become normalised and even joked about. If you’re not aware of what I’m talking about, let me explain it in more detail.

So in office culture there are many people out there, the quiet ones, the loud ones, the drunk ones and even the gossips, but the one I don’t understand is the creep. The creep is usually a guy from what I’ve noticed but he’s not always single (a fact that confuses me to no end). He’s never someone at an entry level position, and if you’re unfortunate sometimes he’s pretty high up. He’s known to spend more time perving on women than doing his job, he’ll look at your boobs before looking you directly in the eyes and he generally brings about an air of pure disgust.

He’ll go out with work colleagues and openly look at the newbies as prime prey and make his move on the prettiest ones, in some cases he’ll wait until they’ve had a lot to drink before going up to them and in most cases they’ll have no idea what kind of disgusting creep they’ve allowed to occupy their space. He’ll have previous instances with women in the office, and none of them will sound good to hear, he’ll use awful words to describe them and put them down whilst simultaneously looking for the next victim.

He’ll make comments about every girl, every single one.

There’s a reason he’s known as the office creep, it’s never a title handed out to an innocent falled solider. There’s always evidence and there’s always a line of people who want to hurt him for doing them wrong and yet no one actually does anything about him. It’s almost like they’re willing to allow someone who is known to sexually harass people because they’re too scared to hurt his feelings.

Most people who have been effected by him are usually in entry level roles and are too afraid to speak up, sadly HR isn’t always a department that actually do their job and in some cases they’ll also be friendly with the office creep.

I been around people gossiping about the creeps and what they’ve done, but not one of the people talking had any intention of doing anything about the guy(s) – they exchanged some awful stories as well.

So why do we allow this to become a part of working culture?

Why do we minimise the damaging effects of sexual harassment?

Why do those in power allow known creeps/predators rise to power and continue to work in their company?

This is honestly something that has confused me for a long fucking time and I’d like some answers.

I Lost My Filter For Three Months (109/365)

I don’t like writing about my personal life on any level but this is something that I do want to talk about. So basically, like the title reads, I lost my filter for three months and getting it back was a struggle.

It happened in December, mainly because that month was a culmination of all the bad things that could have happened just happening. I know it sounds dramatic, obviously I am exagerating a little, but a lot of shitty things just happened at the same time.

It wasn’t even just from one side as well, it was from both sides of my family and my work life. I got a lovely letter which notified me that I was not having my contract renewed at work and that was just stressful in itself. I was one of many people who got the letter, and because of the sheer volume of us we even had a lovely meeting with our boss – let’s just say that didn’t go well.

My personal shit just hit the fan, I had many responsibilities and honestly it was mad. I guess one of the good things that came out of it all was that my friends were constantly checking in on me and offering me loads of help.

I won’t go into that too much because I honestly don’t want to, but it was a lot. I also went to my first funeral – my grandmother passed away so that was tough as well.

So with everything just happening at once, my coping mechanism was to just stop filtering myself. Growing up, I always got away with saying what I wanted, maybe it was because I took advantage of my parents divorce guilt too much, but some of the shit I said was mad – if I was in any other Somali family I would have got a slap for the shit I said. At some point, thankfully, I realised that you can’t navigate life saying everything that pops into your brain, so I worked very hard at building a filter.

The filter is honestly so good that I still come across as very straight forward and blunt, when in reality I’m just saying certain things that won’t get me in trouble, and covering up everything else. So I get the perks of being seen as blunt and not rude, without actually saying all the horrible things that I would have said in the past.

So, losing that carefully built filter was an interesting experience, especially since I work in an office. I somehow managed to stay working at the same place when the new year came, and it took me a while to realise, but the filter was still gone. It was a weird experience, so to prevent actual problems I worked hard at avoiding any situation that could have led to my big mouth getting me in trouble – I would say I did well, but I did say things I should not have said to people who should not have heard it. I think the worst part of the filter issue is I don’t tend to feel bad about these things. My thought process has always been – if its truly what I feel, then there’s not point feeling guilty about it. I know, I’m an actual dickhead.

I don’t know how I got it back but honestly it’s one of those things that everyone needs to function in an adult society.

TLDR: Don’t lose your filter kids, also this is just a stream of weird consciuosness. If you actually read the whole thing, then wow, how? Also should I write more weird thoughts, or keep it subject by subject?

60 Days With No Work at Work Drove Me Mad (95/365)

You’d think getting paid to just show up would be the dream right, you get to sit down, browse the world wide web and get a salary for essentially breathing – but no, you’re wrong. It honestly messes with your mind and self worth, and it’s not as much fun as you’d think. This year I was in a department where I was literally paid to exist, which again sounds fun at first but then it really got to me and my team.

It’s of no fault to my manager or anyone involved as there was just no work available. You can’t do anything if the project you’re on relies on you waiting on other people to supply you work. To begin with I just used this opportunity to write blog posts, learn new skills and find a way to use this time effectively. I don’t like sitting around and being free, and honestly those 60 days really tested my patience.

It got to the point where there’s only so much time you can use and not just mess around. Our table had a fair bit of privacy and again – WE HAD NO WORK. So we did what we could, and for the first month it wasn’t too bad. I’d say I managed it fairly well, despite my complaints, but then you start to feel useless, worthless and wonder why you’re even at work. Those thoughts can be toxic and really just mentally drain you.

I was lucky that Taemin released an album in February, because my free time at work, plus being a fangirl, just meant that I was finally able to truly descend into kpop trash. I was avoiding it for years, but I saw this as a sign to just take the plunge. This plunge also meant I ended up loving Shinee and with the tragedy involving Jonghyun, it wasn’t easy seeing the funeral videos popping up on my Youtube explore feed.

Towards the end of the 60 days I think it’s safe to say I lost my will to exist. I’d come in, browse the internet and just hope and pray for work. The work never came, we only got small tasks which took minutes. The only substantial task we had, we executed too swiftly, as a team we were just losing hope and our sanity.

I know there are people who love to chill and relax, but those 60 days taught me that I am not that kind of person. The times I’ve been unemployed should have really taught me this, but the recent example has fully solidified it. Thankfully now I’m in a department where there is work, there is downtime, but as long as I know work is coming, I can live with it.

7 Unspoken Rules For Working in an Office (48/365)

Working in an office may seem like a structured and very professional atmosphere for those who haven’t experienced it, but in all honesty, it’s like a playground for big children. As a result of this working environment, there’s a lot of weird unspoken rules that people enforce and pass over without realising.

  1. When there’s free food/goodies it’s a massive free for all, so you better be prepared to run, or speed walk to get some.
  2. Openly judge those who ‘reply to all’ when there’s no need.
  3. Don’t be that person who steals other peoples food – the mass email from the poor soul trying to find the food thief isn’t worth the hassle.
  4. Some foods are not ok to eat at your desk – if they stink, be aware someone is hating on you for it.
  5. Everyone is aware of how messy or organised your desk is. If you’re a clutter bug, you’re definitely being talked about.
  6. If you’re taking a call, it’s best to go out of the immediate office area.
  7. Don’t be that person who comes in when you’re contagious – go home and rest. Patient zero is always the reason everyone else ends up ill.

Images are from Unsplash

Office Life Made Me More of a Germophobe (36/365)

Growing up I always saw office jobs as very solitary. Tv and movies showed them as restricted and only ever showed the cubicle structure of the 9-5 working life. Since then a lot has changed, offices are preferring open plan spaces over the cubicle solitude.

Open offices are the exact opposite, they’re open, inviting and everyone essentially shares the same workspace. For a lot of people, this fosters more creativity and allows them to not feel alone or lonely when they’re working.

With the rise of a lot of mental health issues, or to be more specific, the rise of actual awareness it’s important to consider that keeping certain people confined could lead to a worsening of their mental state.

However, with shared spaces comes shared bacteria and it has heightened my germophobia by a lot.

I wasn’t even aware of it until my younger sister mentioned it to me since I was always quite bad when it came to germs and having a clean personal space. But recently it has escalated enormously to the point that I have Dettol spray on my desk at work and antibacterial gel everywhere I go.

It started with the toilet discussion, we get a lot of mass emails where they’re concerned. Whether it’s keeping them clean, tidy and steps not to flood them – you’d be surprised we’re all adults. But it got worse when I noticed that not everyone washes their hands, or has insufficient washing techniques.

Let me break it down a little bit more:

  1. You’ve got the ‘2-second washers’. Which is as the name describes, they stick their hand under the tap for 2 seconds and expect it to kill the germs.
  2. The ‘face touchers’, which is a weird one, and it also includes hair. So essentially they will touch their face, fix their hair and touch everything before washing their hands, and this is after flushing.
  3. The ones who don’t wash their hands at all, they’ll either check their reflection and look for a tactical time to leave without anyone noticing, or walk straight out after flushing.

It’s all honestly gross, the shared kitchen space reveals how little people know about personal hygiene. With plates piling in the sink with food still on it, and mountains of cups – even though there are three dishwashers right next to the sink. It’s worse at the end of the day, because a cleaner has already come to clean it, and it’s still a mess because people are gross.

So you question everyone’s actual hygiene, you lose trust in their ability to wash their hands and their own self, and you’re just surrounded by people coughing without covering their hands. It’s not even a surprise that everyone’s ill all the time.

When children do gross things it’s allowed because you can teach them to know better, but when adults partake in this nonsense it just makes you lose faith in humanity.

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