Just Migraine Things: Part 2 (130/365)

I thought I'd write another one of these because I'm at work and I'm experiencing the weirdest migraine ever, and I need to rant :)If you haven't read part 1, you should, it's very passive aggressive and filled to the bring with sarcasm. I love it when I'm walking in public and get that familiar … Continue reading Just Migraine Things: Part 2 (130/365)

Just Migraine Things (33/365)

Migraines are generally a horrific experience I'd only wish on my worst enemy. There's a lot of pain and crawling into a dark room, but this isn't because of just a headache. Migraines are much more than simple head pain, so here's a list of the ways in which migraines fuck with us. Light becomes … Continue reading Just Migraine Things (33/365)

Why I Started Using CBD Oil (27/365)

Migraine management is generally something that takes a while to sort out. When it comes to modern medicine the focus is mainly on trying as many different cocktails of medicines until you eventually find something that works - which doesn't always happen. After dealing with them for around a year I had been on so … Continue reading Why I Started Using CBD Oil (27/365)