My Top Period Tips! (153/365)

Periods are annoying, painful and downright messy - but sadly it's something a lot of us deal with every single month. So we're stuck with it unless we decide to have children, only then will we get a 9 month break. Or wait 40 years. So a long my journey of dealing with the painful … Continue reading My Top Period Tips! (153/365)

Just Migraine Things: Part 2 (130/365)

I thought I'd write another one of these because I'm at work and I'm experiencing the weirdest migraine ever, and I need to rant :)If you haven't read part 1, you should, it's very passive aggressive and filled to the bring with sarcasm. I love it when I'm walking in public and get that familiar … Continue reading Just Migraine Things: Part 2 (130/365)