Public Transport Pet Peeves (319/365)

As someone who has used public transport for many many years I can say that although it is convenient it comes with a lot of extra hassle that none of us like to deal with. It also has a bad reputation with everyone, no one likes to use the bus or train, but we do … Continue reading Public Transport Pet Peeves (319/365)

My Skin Care Pet Peeves (255/365)

You may or may not know but I spend a lot of my spare time watching skin care routines, and also watching professionals react to them. They're weirdly addictive and honestly I can't stop watching them. I love learning more about skin care and how different ingredients effect the skin in a variety of ways, … Continue reading My Skin Care Pet Peeves (255/365)

My Pet Peeves (112/365)

Living as an adult is one of those weird experiences. When I was younger I always thought that everyone becomes 'mature' at some point, and let me tell you, that doesn't happen. Maturity is a lie created to keep children in check, so in true 'adult' fashion, I'm just going to complain about people and … Continue reading My Pet Peeves (112/365)