The Problem with White Liberals (294/365)

When you first initially hear about white liberals, the loud leftists and anyone who really identifies with this title you think it's a positive. They're claiming to want equality, free will and on the surface seem like they do care about a lot of important issues like racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia and islamophobia, but the … Continue reading The Problem with White Liberals (294/365)

How To: Be a Good Minority (92/365)

Growing up as an ethnic minority is a weird experience, you're firstly thrown into a society that see's you as 'less than' or as an 'other'. In that same society, they somehow expect you to cater to the thoughts, feelings and emotions of the majority, and work to really ignore all of the racism, sexism … Continue reading How To: Be a Good Minority (92/365)

Dear White people.. (87/365)

A post inspired by the film and TV series Dear White people. Dear White People, Stop trying to touch my hair, it make me feel like an exotic animal and honestly it comes from a place of fetishism. I never mind when people ask to touch it, but unsolicited touching is a no no. Dear … Continue reading Dear White people.. (87/365)