Bandwagon Diversity Isn’t Real Diversity (360/365)

If a brand or a celebrity has suddenly decided to give a shit about minority rights in a way that is unnatural, then unfortunately they're jumping on acceptance of everyone as if it's a fad. For the past few years issues like racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia have been called out openly by enough people … Continue reading Bandwagon Diversity Isn’t Real Diversity (360/365)

Skincare Tips – Rude Addition (110/365)

So we all love to practice a little bit of skin care these days, and everyone has loads of tips and tricks. Some even claim to have the secrets to acheiving perfect skin, and others do up to 10 steps of layered skin care - but some of ya'll really do skip on the basics. … Continue reading Skincare Tips – Rude Addition (110/365)