My Weird Online Obssessions (195/365)

With the rise of social media, online videos and the internet generally taking over our lives, we have had to come to terms with a lot of things, one of those is that our online habits say a lot about us. Honestly there's a lot we hide as a generation purely because we know how … Continue reading My Weird Online Obssessions (195/365)

10 Relatable Millennial Haiku’s (190/365)

Our generation. They say we are spoiled rottenBut once so were they.  Selfies in the night Not enough light for duck lipsOnly seven likes  We are exhausted now. Will we ever not be tired? Maybe when we're dead. A Picture of food A selfie with tons of tags This is instagram. No status updateNothing witty to speak of There … Continue reading 10 Relatable Millennial Haiku’s (190/365)