That Friday Feeling (312/365)

As per the last 200 days of this challenge I've reached the point where I can't write about a lot of the deep things I want to, so you're getting sarcastic Fatima for now. Why? You didn't ask, because it's a Friday and honestly as much as I do love Fridays, the fact that we … Continue reading That Friday Feeling (312/365)

Just Migraine Things: Part 2 (130/365)

I thought I'd write another one of these because I'm at work and I'm experiencing the weirdest migraine ever, and I need to rant :)If you haven't read part 1, you should, it's very passive aggressive and filled to the bring with sarcasm. I love it when I'm walking in public and get that familiar … Continue reading Just Migraine Things: Part 2 (130/365)

How To: Be a Good Minority (92/365)

Growing up as an ethnic minority is a weird experience, you're firstly thrown into a society that see's you as 'less than' or as an 'other'. In that same society, they somehow expect you to cater to the thoughts, feelings and emotions of the majority, and work to really ignore all of the racism, sexism … Continue reading How To: Be a Good Minority (92/365)