Every Thought That Runs Through My Brain When Doing Spot Treatments (327/365)

I haven't written about skin care in a while, part of it is because I don't have a lot more to say. I'm not an expert and I don't tend to do new things a lot when I find shit that works, but one thing that never changes is my need to use spot treatments. … Continue reading Every Thought That Runs Through My Brain When Doing Spot Treatments (327/365)

That Friday Feeling (312/365)

As per the last 200 days of this challenge I've reached the point where I can't write about a lot of the deep things I want to, so you're getting sarcastic Fatima for now. Why? You didn't ask, because it's a Friday and honestly as much as I do love Fridays, the fact that we … Continue reading That Friday Feeling (312/365)

Stupid Skincare Tips (237/365)

It's 2019 and honestly skin care is something that a lot of us invest a lot of time in, maybe it's due to the rise of beauty influencers, or the rise of real information being spread by professionals, but everyone is either aware of skin care trends or are practicing them. Even that person who … Continue reading Stupid Skincare Tips (237/365)

Just Period Shaming Things (231/365)

Period shame is one of those things that on the surface is illogical. Half of the world goes through it, the other half of the world knows about it, but they continue to shame everyone. Which leads to a general lack of education when it comes to periods and also little children being afraid or … Continue reading Just Period Shaming Things (231/365)

10 Relatable Millennial Haiku’s (190/365)

Our generation. They say we are spoiled rottenBut once so were they.  Selfies in the night Not enough light for duck lipsOnly seven likes  We are exhausted now. Will we ever not be tired? Maybe when we're dead. A Picture of food A selfie with tons of tags This is instagram. No status updateNothing witty to speak of There … Continue reading 10 Relatable Millennial Haiku’s (190/365)

I Tried Pre Workout and It Messed Me Up (185/365)

Yes friends I tried it, that devils caffeinated supplement powder that apparently gives you amazing workouts - well it's not that bad. I feel like if you don't have a migraine condition then you can proceed to use it, but be cautious because it could still fuck you up. So it was a Sunday, I … Continue reading I Tried Pre Workout and It Messed Me Up (185/365)

Debunking Weird Sexist Arguments Against Feminism (183/365)

Hello friends and welcome to another post about feminism, but in todays post we are going to focus on the other side to it - the arguments against it. Now I'm not going to spend a lot of time talking about what feminism actually is, and how it's about everyones rights purely because I've written … Continue reading Debunking Weird Sexist Arguments Against Feminism (183/365)

Just White Feminist Things (174/365)

Note to readers : I'm not bashing white people, or white people who are feminists, just the brand of white feminism that only focuses on the issues that are about white people and ignore the struggles of people of colour. So now the warnings out of the way I can be honest and hope that … Continue reading Just White Feminist Things (174/365)