Bandwagon Diversity Isn’t Real Diversity (360/365)

If a brand or a celebrity has suddenly decided to give a shit about minority rights in a way that is unnatural, then unfortunately they're jumping on acceptance of everyone as if it's a fad. For the past few years issues like racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia have been called out openly by enough people … Continue reading Bandwagon Diversity Isn’t Real Diversity (360/365)

I Tried Being The ‘Cool Girl’ As a Kid, and It Wasn’t Fun… (74/365)

Growing up one of the main things I remember trying to do is to 'not be like other girls'. I'm not sure where it started, but at some point I (alongside many other girls) saw feminine traits as bad. So being girly went from normal to being weak, shallow and ultimately annoying. The idea of … Continue reading I Tried Being The ‘Cool Girl’ As a Kid, and It Wasn’t Fun… (74/365)

Backhanded Compliments (56/365)

Life is weird. I've received many compliments in my life and for the most part, I always appreciate them, since someone has taken the time to actually say something to make me feel good and happy. I also love to give a good compliment out, because everyone deserves to feel amazing. Where it gets weird … Continue reading Backhanded Compliments (56/365)

Why Women Hate Women (50/365)

When terms like misogyny and sexism are thrown around we usually assume it's discrimination or hatred from men towards women. One thing that's overlooked a lot is the internalised misogyny that women express towards other women. It's funny how it's glossed over since it's such a big part of our day to day lives, whether … Continue reading Why Women Hate Women (50/365)