Merry Christmas Everyone! (359/365)

Hello friends, Merry Christmas, whether you celebrate it or not, it's a time to spend with your family as most of us have the day off. My family don't celebrate the day but we do spend a lot of time annoying one another, something came over me and I even decided to make them all … Continue reading Merry Christmas Everyone! (359/365)

My Twenties Are My Lost Childhood (349/365)

It must be because I'm the oldest girl in an immigrant household, but I didn't really have a childhood in the sense of bliss, innocence and freedom. I was, like most girls in my situation made to clean and babysit, I was responsible for everyone if my mother went out or wasn't feeling well. I … Continue reading My Twenties Are My Lost Childhood (349/365)

Complaining is Very Therapeutic (320/365)

You might have sensed a theme that a lot of my blog posts this year have been filled with me complaining about serious and not serious topics, and honestly I'll hold my hands up and say I love ranting, complaining and generally just letting out all of my frustrations. Part of it is because it … Continue reading Complaining is Very Therapeutic (320/365)

Happy Monday – Another Filler :) (280/365)

Happy Monday! The day gets a bad reputation, it's the beginning of the week which symbalises the start of work, school and responsibility. Monday is the loser amongst the days and I guess Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the cool kids. Everyone get's up on a Monday morning and audibly sighs for the next 8 … Continue reading Happy Monday – Another Filler 🙂 (280/365)

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY (268/365)

Hi all, It's my birthday so todays post isn't going to be magical or about anything I usually write about. I'm now 26 years old and honestly ready to spend the day chilling like a villain and not using my brain extensively. I'm not one to make the biggest deal about my birthday, I just … Continue reading IT’S MY BIRTHDAY (268/365)