How I Grew My Curly Hair LONG (357/365)

I don't really consider myself a hair expert in any sense, but I got asked on Instagram about how I grew my hair and I feel like it's difficult to really write everything down in the comments section - plus I needed an idea for todays blog post as I'm currently in the later stages … Continue reading How I Grew My Curly Hair LONG (357/365)

Stupid Skincare Tips (237/365)

It's 2019 and honestly skin care is something that a lot of us invest a lot of time in, maybe it's due to the rise of beauty influencers, or the rise of real information being spread by professionals, but everyone is either aware of skin care trends or are practicing them. Even that person who … Continue reading Stupid Skincare Tips (237/365)

Quick Ways To Find Out If Someone’s Worth Talking To (232/365)

Whether it's for romance or friendship sometimes we need to weed people out, which seems harsh but life is too short to waste time on someone who's annoying. Sometimes I imagine certain behaviours as flags on people, whether they're green, red or amber is up to you, but it's important to pick up on personality … Continue reading Quick Ways To Find Out If Someone’s Worth Talking To (232/365)

Things To Remember When Trying New Skincare (228/365)

Skincare is super important, there's no ifs, no buts, after a certain age you need to at least wash your face and moisturise it so you can maintain your skins lovelyness, I know not everyone has a 10 step routine, but in all honesty the bare basics are fine. I only have a routine because … Continue reading Things To Remember When Trying New Skincare (228/365)

Unspoken Curly Hair Rules (226/365)

In case you missed it my hair is naturally curly, for anyone who uses the 'type' system, I'd say my hair is 3a and I don't know what kind of porosity. I've been wearing it natural for almost 6 years now and in that time I've watched curly hair bloggers, learned from them and realised … Continue reading Unspoken Curly Hair Rules (226/365)

How To Deal With Difficult Men (161/365)

We all have them in our lives somewhere, some have them has family members, some experience them at work and some lucky people have managed to get rid of them, but difficult men are out here ruining our lives. Now 'nice guys', I know you might be triggered by this senetence and want to shout … Continue reading How To Deal With Difficult Men (161/365)

Skin Care Tips and Tricks (57/365)

Skin care is something that is super personal and to be perfectly honest - every skin type is different. What works for you may not work for other people so keep that in mind when you research every single new trend and supposed skincare saviour. I wouldn't say I have amazing skin on any level, … Continue reading Skin Care Tips and Tricks (57/365)

Fighting Dandruff (40/365)

Dandruff is one of those things that can be downright embarrassing to deal with. It causes flakes, dryness, irritation and makes you feel like you're not washing your hair properly. When it isn't caused by a lack of hygiene at all, it's just something that happens. It's been linked with genetics, diet and some people … Continue reading Fighting Dandruff (40/365)

Small Self-Care Tips (38/365)

Self-care is one of those things we cannot skip on, whether you suffer from mental health or not. Life can get overwhelming whether you're in school or working, so it's important to make your sure mind is getting the same attention as your body when it comes to your health. Here are some small self-care … Continue reading Small Self-Care Tips (38/365)